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Get High Quality Blender 3D Models That You Deserve!

Whether it's our 3D models, materials or full Blender scenes, all of our 3D assets are carefully crafted with quality at the forefront.We take the pain away from finding Blender assets which actually look good in renders.

Here is a small selection of what to expect

Our plant 3D models for indoor and outdoor scenes are carefully created with the latest in plant creation software. We ensure everything from the opacity maps to translucency maps represent true real life vegetation

Large Monstera

Modern vase and plant

Soft Pampas 1

Christmas Tree

Soft Pampas 2

Soft Pampas 2

Want to see all 1800+ 3D furniture
and Archviz models?

The iMeshh certificate of quality

Does it sometimes feel like a gamble when you download a new 3D Blender model from other online resources? Sometimes the models are great but sometimes they are totally unusable. We know the feeling all too well, and that is why we made iMeshh.

Here at iMeshh we produce all the models in-house. This means that we have a very tight grip on the quality of any model released. Not only that, we ensure that anyone we hire to produce models is able to produce them to the highest standards.

What makes iMeshh 3D models so good?

Materials and textures on 3D models can make or break a render. You can have a badly modelled asset which renders nicely simply due to having high quality materials and textures, but it rarely works the other way round.

All materials for our Blender 3D models have photorealism as its main core target. So that means we include any surface imperfections, colour variations, glossy smudges, dust etc.We use true PBR materials that render beautifully out of the box.

img-before img-after

Not Just 3D Models, But Full Blender Scenes Too!

Do you ever see 3D visualisations online and think to yourself, "Wow I wish I could just look inside their working file!".

Well, now you can! Included with the $149, we offer a range of full 3D arch-vis scenes which you can completely pick apart. It's all organised so you can look into every element and really understand how a professional works.

*this scene is coming to iMeshh very soon!