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Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. However please note that our system requires an active subscription to determine if the Download button remains active.

If you wish to cancel, please download all of the products you want beforehand.

Yes, if you bought it at a discounted rate, this will be your renewal price for all years going forwards until you cancel. If cancel and then later wish to re-subscribe we cannot give you the original discounted price

Free: This account is useful if you wish to make use of our freebies and create an account for contributing to the site in some way.

Freelancer: This account is for all those who are independent and work on small to medium sized projects and earn less than $100,000 per year

Studio: This is for a team of people and also comes with additional seats. This is for those earning more than $100,000 per year

Enterprise: This account is a very specific account for enterprise users earning more than $1,000,000 per year. Please contact us to make a solution that benefits you

Your account will renew in 1 year from your subscription. Please visit your My Account page for subscription renewal information.


Yes, most products you download with an iMeshh subscription can be used commercially. This means you can incorporate these assets into various commercial projects including renders, marketing materials, social media posts, video games, films, and more. The royalty-free nature of these products under the iMeshh subscription allows for broad commercial use without additional fees.

However, it is important to note that a few specific products are designated for editorial use only. For these editorial-only assets, their use is restricted to non-commercial applications such as news reporting, educational materials, or documentaries. These models typically feature recognizable brands, logos, or copyrighted elements that are not cleared for commercial use.

Please ensure to read the FAQ section regarding editorial use for clarity on how you can use these specific models responsibly within their limitations.

No, any product you download is only licenced to you. You cannot send to someone else.

If you must share a project with other designers and the iMeshh assets can be extracted then you must include a text document which states: “This file contains assets and should not be redistributed further”.

If you are sharing a file in which the assets cannot be extracted, for example a video game, then this is allowed.

If you must share the file with someone else for any other reason then you must get written consent from us.

Yes anything you download from iMeshh with an active iMeshh subscription can be used by you for life. This belongs to you and you do not need to pay royalties for using it. Just do not share the asset with anyone else.

While most of our assets can be used commercially, there are a few which are marked as “Editorial” on the individual product pages. These models can be used solely for purposes such as news reporting, commentary, education, and other non-commercial contexts. Typically, these models might feature logos or trademarks of companies or other copyrighted elements. They should not be used in commercial advertising, promotional materials, or any other form of commercial exploitation.

Q: Can I use these models in my advertising campaign or for commercial purposes?

A: No, models labeled for editorial use cannot be used for commercial purposes. This includes any advertising campaigns, promotional activities, or as part of product packaging or any direct monetary gain through their use.

Q: Where can I use these editorial-only 3D models?

A: You can use these models in contexts like academic presentations, articles, documentaries, and other forms of media that have a primary goal of educating or informing the public rather than promoting a product or service.

Q: What should I do if I need a 3D model for commercial use?

A: If you require a 3D model for commercial use, you should look for models that do not have restrictions or obtain a license that specifically allows for such use. Alternatively, you can contact the rights holder of the model for permission to use it commercially.

Q: Should I use these editorial-only 3D models at my own discretion?

A: While you should use these models responsibly within editorial contexts, it’s important to understand their limitations. They are strictly for non-commercial use, such as in news reporting, educational materials, or documentary features. If you are unsure whether your intended use falls within these guidelines, or if you wish to use the model for commercial purposes, we recommend seeking additional permissions or choosing a model that permits such uses.

No, no matter how much you modify it, you cannot resell it. The base mesh is of our own creation and belongs to iMeshh. Any attempt to warp, modify, or change in any way before then reselling it will be in breach of our licence agreement.

This also includes any textures or materials from our website.


If you have an active subscription then you can download anything from iMeshh! Even if we add more products to the site you can download those too, as long as you have an active subscription.

The download limit is to prevent account sharing. So each user can download each product a set amount of times only. This does not mean that you are limited in the total amount of products you can download, only each individual product a maximum of times that it states.

If you hit your download limit for whatever reason, please contact us.

We trialled many download systems in the past and finally settled on Amazon S3 to deliver our files. This is one of the most expensive file delivery networks available, but ensures we get the best possible download speeds worldwide. This is of course very dependant on the user locations, but we have tried to set up the best possible network possible. If you’re having download issues please get in touch!

We made this system as SIMPLE as possible. On every product there is a Download button which appears when hovering over it. Simply click it and your download will start!

This download button is also available on each individual product page. Clicking that will initiate the download.

At this time there is no way to download everything in Bulk.

We currently function like most other digital asset stores, the only difference with us is that there is one price for everything, and no credits!

So you have total freedom to download whatever you like, whenever you like!


YES! We love it there. Any subscriber will get a link in their My Account page after purchasing which will give them access to the private Discord group.

We seriously have the BEST COMMUNITY we could have asked for. Our Discord group is alive with regular posts and questions and everyone tries to help each other out.

If you’re staring out, its the perfect place to get instant answers and feedback for your projects <3

Absolutely! Please visit us at the following link to give us a review.

If you are unhappy with anything, we would kindly ask if you could let us know your problems first. We actively try and give the best experience possible and we would love to give our best shot at helping you with your problem first.

All of our 3D models have relatively simple meshes which can often be stretched, warped or modified in some way to fit your desired needs.

Materials too are often very easily adjustable.

If you have any specific requirements then do let us know and we can either point you in the right direction or help you directly with the edit

Yes we have a ton of free assets for everyone. Please go to the freebie section which can be found in the menu on

We are certain you’re going to love everything in there.

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