Scandinavian Release

Welcome to the Scandinavian themed model release! We will have themed model releases every single month so be sure to keep an eye out for the monthly countdowns on our site!

August 2018
This month our aim was to produce a functional and simplistic set of models which follow the whites/greys/pastel colours commonly seen in Scandinavian style rooms.
At the same time, we have kept quite a modern feel with some items. This is a common trait often seen in this style and will also allow you to more easily use these items in other room themes.

As usual, all of our products are compatible with Blender and Corona Renderer. If you are using another engine, then we have .fbx .obj and .dae formats available inside each download!

DL-0002 Desk Lamp3 View1

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BB-0011 Scandinavian style bed 11
LS-0015 L Shaped Grey Sofa1
FD-0006 Yellow Cushion Pile


One thing we love about Scandinavian is the vast amount of patterns and colours! So, our collection wouldn’t be complete without a nice set of cushions to compliment your scene.

We have 5 different styles to choose from 🙂

FD-0010 Cushion Pile Minimal Dots2


Your Scandinavian scene won’t be complete without this essential item. We have already been using these lamps in our own personal projects because we love them so much, and I’m sure you’ll find many uses for them!

CP-0015 Scandinavian Wireframe lamp2
FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 View1

The list goes on!

SD-0005 Scan Dresser 2 View1
DT-0008 Scandinavian Dining Table and Chairs
KA-0016 View 1
DE-0009 View1
FD-0014 Diamond Wave pattern rug 2
DE-0004 Scandinavian pots 3
FL-0002 grasshopper style lamp3
FD-0007 Cushion Pile Tea2l
KA-0019 View2
KA-0018 View3
KA-0017 View1
DE-0007 View 2
P-0002 Aloe Vera 2
TV-0003 Scandinavian Modern TV stand 1
SS-0001 Dark Wood Shelving2
FD-0008 Cushion Pile Stripes2
SD-0004 Scan Dresser 1 View2
KA-0014 View1
SB-0002 View1
DE-0006 Candle Holder View1
SD-0001 Pattern Blanket 2
SD-0001 Black Dresser 3
Fd-0008 Minimal Strip cushion pile2
DTY-0002 Elephant Lamp2