Industrial Release

Welcome to our next monthly themed release. This month has an industrial theme!

Oct 2018
This month had the aim of producing items which could be seen in an industrial style living spaces, restaurants, bars, etc. We have tried to keep a lot of the items quite elegant and others have been made to be quite rustic and rough around the edges.

As usual, all of our products are compatible with Blender and Corona Renderer. If you are using another engine, then we have .fbx .obj and .dae formats available inside each download!

CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps2
AS-0001 Spiral Staircase metal
SS-0010 Industrial Modern Stool
DW-0009 Clock 5 View 1

Rough edges

Industrial items would be nothing without some wear and tear. That is why we have used blender in combination with Substance Painter and Photoshop to create stunningly realistic items with edge wear, scratches or even slight sun bleaching.

SS-0011 White Stool View 3
SC-0006 LLeather Dining chair Worn2
DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table

Industrial Modern

Industrial doesn’t need to be entirely rough edges, but some elegance can go a long way and bring a very rustic space into the modern scene.

FL-0005 Theatre Floor Lamp2


While creating all of the models this month, we decided to pick out a few of our favourite materials and make them 4k for our materials shop.

This includes a couple of leathers, some scratched wood and even our first brick texture! This brick texture has given us the ‘building blocks’ to allow us to create even more styles. So keep an eye out for more in the near future.

TL-0001 Leather Black Patches 1
TL-0002 Light Brown Leather spots
TB-0001 Bricks 1 Large
TP-0001 Scratched Painted Wood Black 1
TP-0001 Scratched Painted Wood 2
TM-0001 Metal Grip 1

The list goes on!

OT-0002 Industrial Desk 1
FC-0003 Curtain Industrial
AR-0001 Traditional Style Radiator 1
LT-0004 Metal Wood Coffee Table3
DW-0004 Thin Frame Wall Frame2
AW-0005 Window View1
LS-0016 Indusgtrial brown sofa2
SC-0007 Wire Frame Chair
SS-0010 Industrial Modern Stool
SS-0002 Thin Frame Wood Shelving
AD-0004 Door4 View2
DE-0014 Copper Pots View 3
EO-0002 Desk Fan
DE-0012 Candle View3
LC-0006 Butterfly Industrial Chair
KA-0024 Industiral Tea Set View1
DW-0008 Wall Mirror 1 View 2
SS-0014 Industrial Stool Bundle View 1