To celebrate our launch, every day in August we will be taking a model from our shop and making it free forever.

See below for details





Paid subscriptions

The official launch will kick off the start of our paid subscription services! 

Monthly model releases

We plan to release a huge set of models and textures every single month so all customers have something to look forward to. These model releases will generally follow a theme, with the end of August being Scandinavian!

Free models for Pro and Premium members

Premium and Pro members will also get access to a free high quality model every month. This model will then go on sale at full price at the start of the next month for Basic users.

Slight change to free textures

As you can imagine, making all of these free textures is quite a time consuming task. That is why they will soon be available with only a Basic, Pro or Premium subscription. 
Once subscribed, you can download as many free textures as you like without effecting your token count.


Free models released throughout August!

Because our free service will be replaced with paid subscriptions from 31st August, we have decided to make 30 models from our shop free forever. 

This way you can see what iMeshh is about without the need to sign up to any paid subscriptions.

1st August
2nd August
3rd August
4th August
5th August
6th August
7th August
8th August
9th August
10th August
11th August
12th August
13th August
14th August
15th August
16th August
17th August
18th August
19th August
20th August
21st August
22nd August
23rd August
24th August
25th August
26th august
27th August
28th August
29th August
30th August