Tokens and purchasing

How do you decide the price?

Usually its decided by the amount of time it takes to produce a model. Sometimes its simply because we want to allow users to have specific items at a more affordable rate. Complex items like sculpted/simulated fabrics or high detail gas ovens generally take more time to produce than a simple lamp, and the price will reflect that.

Can I buy anything with the tokens?

Yes. Even if you get the tokens with a free subscription, all tokens have the same value inside the shop.

Will I be charged for an item I have already purchased?

Nope. Once purchased, you will never need to purchase it again. Either find the item in your downloads section in “My Account”, or find it on the shop and you should be able to download it directly through there.

How do I get my free monthly item?

Free monthly items are only available for Pro or Premium members. These will be found under the “My Account” page and will only be available, for free, for one month before they are put into the shop at full price for other uses to purchase and download

Can I just buy an item with money rather than tokens?

Sadly not, we believe our monthly token system gives us the ability to offer our models at very very competitive prices. It also allows us to streamline our website with one payment method rather than making it messy and also allowing real currency purchases.

Do I need an account to place an order?



Can I cancel my subcription?

Absolutely. There is no strict contract, just month to month. If you want to cancel just go into My Account>Subscriptions and click cancel. Your subscription will no longer renew and you will keep your remaining tokens until the specific roll-over duration has finished. This is 1 month for Basic, 3 months for Pro and 6 months for Premium.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Totally! Again, as there is no strict contract, you can freely upgrade or downgrade to whichever subscription tier you prefer. Again, go to My Account>Subscriptions and click “Upgrade/downgrade”. From there you can select your new subscription

Will I be charged to upgrade?

Not immediately. After you upgrade you will be given the option to either; wait until your usual renewal date to pay the new higher amount and receive your increased amount in tokens, or renew immediately and pay the new higher fee immediately, receive your tokens and start a new renewal cycle from that day.

Will I be charged to downgrade?

You will not be charged to downgrade, and you will keep your tokens for the specific roll-over period that you purchased them on.

Is your payment method safe?

We use Stripe payments which, like PayPal, is a leader in online payments. However we believe Stripe to be a superior platform for subscription based payments and offers a very secure payment systems.

Do you offer yearly subscriptions?

Not just yet. This is definitely a feature we are considering if there is enough people asking for it




Can I sell your models if I put my own textures with it?

Sorry but the models you purchase are for your own use only. You cannot sell our models

Can I modify your models and then resell them?

Sorry but also no. Even if you want to modify them “quite a lot”, that is still a subjective amount and hard to specify so it is forbidden to modify our models by any amount and re-sell them.

Can I use the textures that come with the models on other projects?

Yes! You can use them on other models and can be rendered on both personal or commercial projects, but you CANNOT resell the textures or package your own models with our textures to sell.

Can I continue to use your models after I end subscription?

Even if you live past 100, those are your models to use forever. Just don’t resell them and it’s all good.

Can I use your model in a video game?

Only if the video game IS private and is NOT open-source. All game developers using our models must be told not to distribute iMeshh models outside of the game development environment.


Technical issues

Everything is loading in pink?

It looks like Blender has got confused as to where the textures are, please make sure to un-zip the folder before trying to use the models. Also try to re-link the textures from the textures folder included in the attachment.

Corona Renderer keeps crashing!

Please look onto this very helpful forum for more help, but a common issue is that Corona is struggling to find the correct texture file. Go into the material nodes and make sure the textures are all liked correctly.

My download had the wrong file?

Dang, our bad! If this ever happens (although we tried our best to upload 100’s of models without error), we will reimburse you your tokens and you can keep the model we gave you incorrectly. Just get in touch and we will fix this ASAP


Can I get my money back from a download?

If you have any issues then please get in touch. We can usually help with most things and reimburse you with tokens if necessary.